Its Bikini Time!!!

Hey ladies, its that time of year again! Its two weeks until Memorial Day Weekend (the official start of summer for those of you in warmer climates) and about six weeks until the 4th of July (the start of summer for those of us in colder climates.:)

The question is - is your bikini body ready or do you need a quick brutally effective workout in order to get your bikini body back?

If you are like most of us who have been hibernating all winter, then the answer is yes - you need help and you need it fast!

Enter Valerie Waters "I Want My Bikini Body 3.0" Workout. I have been holding on to a pre-release version of this six week program since 2009. Back then, I was not in good enough shape to handle this intense workout. Now, 12 month's later I am more than ready! Follow my journey to see how much fat I can lose by Memorial Day Weekend!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Want My Bikini Body Recap

Its the end of I Want My Bikini Body Phase 1 (three weeks) for me. This phase, just to recap, involved three cardio weight style workouts per week. Lots of step ups, bodyweight stuff, mountain climbers,reverse and side lunges, lots of Romanian dead lift, and lots of rows. Average weight lifted ranged from 5lbs to 8lbs for triceps extension and bicep curls to 10-15lbs for rows, and 30lbs for Romanian dead lift.

The Pics

(May 2nd and May 22nd):

I apologize for the disconnect between the photo sizes. I didn't realize that when I was taking the pics and I don't really want to redo.

The stats

Weight loss was interesting. My weight goes rapidly down during the week when I am being good and staying on diet. However, I am still struggling not to over eat and so frequently, I gain lose losses back over the weekend. I seem to be gaining and losing the same 3lbs over and over again. I am down 1lb total for the three weeks and now weigh 115.5lbs (I am 5ft .5in tall.)


Waist: Started at 25in. Gained .5 inch one week in to program. Worried that the wood chops I was doing added the extra size and stopped. Lost that gained half inch and an additional half inch. Down to 24.5in.

Hips: Down 1.25inches from 36 to 34.75in.

Thighs: Down 0.75 in from 21.5 to 20.75in.

I Want My Bikini Body is available via online download here.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Two weeks in...

Okay, week 2 has passed...I am down another half inch all over...but weight is more or less the same.

By the way - did you miss the free videos that Valerie posted for the "I Want My Bikini Body" launch party. Those videos were just made available. Lots of good information covered by her special guests including:
Can I burn additional fat using fat burning supplements? If so, which are best and which are a waste of money?

The ONE food you must avoid if you want to lose fat

How to reduce the appearance cellulite, etc...

Be sure to watch this video if you still haven't had a chance to check this program out:

Saturday, May 29, 2010

One week in...

Okay guys, I am one week in to "I Want My Bikini Body." Basically there were at least two nights I woke up around 2am with pretty sore muscles. I just got up, took an Advil, and then used my heating pad on the sore spots. By morning I was fine.

I am still struggling with the first circuit - the Burn one. I cannot do this circuit three times through - two is more than hard enough. The rest however are challenging but do-able.

So what about the results?
I have lost...3lbs.
I have also lost a half inch off of my waist, hips, and thighs.

Not too bad!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bikini Body Diet

So you know you want to look great in your bikini - the question is - how can your diet support your goals? Well it turns out all you need to do is eat right to burn fat. Fat, and not your "untoned" muscles - is the real reason you look lumpy and jiggly.

The best method? The low carb diet. Studies show that people who follow low carbohydrate diet plans can lose up to 10lbs of fat in four weeks.

Why does a low carb diet plan work so well?

For one, foods high in carbohydrates tend to also be higher in calories. Which has more calories - a muffin or a cup pf broccoli? Its obvious, right?
Secondly, reducing your intake of carbohydrates forces your body to burn more of its own fat as fuel - not the sugar supplied by your diet.
Third, eating a diet lower in carbohydrates tends to keep blood sugar levels balanced reducing the common urge to eat all the time.
Finally, low carbohydrate diets are also typically higher in protein. Protein requires more energy for digestion - up to 20% more. So this means you will automatically burn a higher percentage of the calories you consume.

Not too bad, huh?

What EXACTLY to eat
Lean proteins (beef, eggs, fish, pork, bisson, chicken, turkey, protein powder - look for under 100 calories per 20grams protein.)
Fiberous vegetables (broccoli, spinach, lettuce, asparagus, cauliflower, cucumbers, mushrooms, chard, kale, bell peppers, zucchini.)
Healthy fats (avocados, cocunut, nuts, seeds, fish oil, olive oil, flaxseed oil, hemp oil.)

What to Avoid
Foods high in carbohydrates (bread, rice, beans, pasta, potatoes, candy, full sugar soda.)
Processed foods. Processed foods tend to automatically be higher in carbohydrates. Check the label to make sure. Look for 5g carbohydrates or less.
Too much fruit. A little bit is okay, especially if you stick to low sugar berries and melons.One cup serving is fine.
Too much milk. A little bit is okay, but all milk has carbohydrates so don't overdo it. One cup serving is fine.

A Sample Daily Meal Plan
Breakfast - Two eggs scrambled with your choice of veggies (broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, peppers, sundried tomatoes, basil) and small portion of meat or cheese.
Morning snack - small portion of almonds.
Lunch - Large green leafty salad with approved veggies and lean meat. Don't go crazy with the dressing.
Afternoon snack - Veggies and low calorie dip.
Dinner - Any lean grilled meat with a side of veggies.

Do I need to drink a protein shake?
You can drink a protein shake for any snack, or for breakfast. You can also have a protein shake before OR after your workout.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

One "I Want My Bikini Body" Workout Down - 17 to go

Okay, so this is how its going to work. The "I Want My Bikini Body" Workout is divided into two phases, each three weeks long. In each phase there are two workouts - workout A and workout B. The idea is you alternate between workouts. On Monday do Workout A, on Wednesday do Workout B, on Friday back to Workout A, etc.

Each workout has three circuits. 

Circuit 1 is a Fat Burning circuit. This involved 5 exercises like Valslide lunges, and step ups, that are meant to get your heart rate up fast and start you sweating. They definitely do that! If you don't notice 20 valslide reverse lunges then you must be made of steel! It is recommended that you do the "Burn" circuit 2-3 times.

Circuit 2 is the Sculpting circuit. This focuses a lot on working your butt, abs, and thighs. There are more traditional strength exercises in here as well like Romanian Dead lifts. This circuit should be done 3 times. 

Circuit 3 is the Polish circuit. This gets the smaller muscles like triceps and the outside of your glutes, plus lower abs. You will do bicep curls, ab roll outs, and triceps dips. This circuit should be done 2 times.

I think the whole thing took me about 40 min. I had to stop and catch my breath a few times in circuit 1 as its pretty challenging.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Best 3 Exercises For Your Butt

This is key guys - if you haven't tried a Valslide reverse lunge, then you haven't truly suffered!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Great Example of a Kick Butt Bikini Workout

Hey all, this is a promo for last year's "I Want My Bikini Body." Take a look -